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Dalkey Scubadivers is a sports diving club with a long track record (nearly 40 years!) of safe and enjoyable diving. If you have a sense of fun and adventure, come join us! We have our own boat, an impressive high speed RIB, and we dive in Dublin Bay at least twice a week during the summer, though we have been known to dive every day of the week when the weather is good!

Who we are

Founded in 1976, Dalkey Scubadivers (or DSD) is an amateur scuba-diving club affiliated to C.F.T (Comhairle Fo-Thuinn, in Irish), The Irish Underwater Council, located in Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin

Our History

Originally based near Coliemore Harbour, much of our Dublin Bay diving still takes place in the Dalkey area, even though the club now operates from Dun Laoghaire…

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Our Vision

Our vision is that more and more people will experience and cherish the wonders of the seas...

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Our Committee Members

Our Committee members are dedicated to making DSD an active and welcoming club for everyone from novice to experienced diver...

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What We Offer To Our Members

The club has an excellent safety record and we reckon that safety at sea is of paramount importance!

Where and when we dive

The Muglins (the small rock beyond Dalkey Island) is just a short boat ride from our base at Dun Laoghaire and it's teeming with life...

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Looking for dive buddies?

If you are already a qualified diver, contact us to find out more about diving with Dalkey Scubadivers - you won't regret it!...

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Courses for Beginners

Courses for beginners and current divers wishing to advance their skills. Join us today and dive for fun with us...

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DSD is an active diving club, with approximately 50 members. Despite stiff competition from professional diving school businesses the club has, over the past 10 years, trained on average 30 people p.a. to scubadive. (Since its inception over 1000 people have been taught to dive by Dalkey Scubadivers, thanks in no small part to its founders Shane and Ollie Gray, now of Scubadive West, Galway). Club members have also given their time to help novice divers advance their diving, rescue and boat handling skills.

- Yvonne Lynch / Diving Officer